171 million euros for PSG!

Qatar Sports Investment (QSI), the main shareholder of Paris Saint-Germain, injected 171 million euros into the club’s coffers.

In the midst of a health and financial crisis, the Paris Saint Germain can always count on the support of its main shareholder, Qatar Sports Investment. QSI thus proceeded to an increase in the club’s capital of 171 million euros, indicates Le Parisien. In 2018, one year after the arrivals of Neymar and Kylian Mbappé, 316 million euros were injected into the club’s coffers.

This decision is not linked to the XXL transfer window carried out by Paris Saint-Germain, at the arrival of Lionel Messi, or the desire to offer Mbappé a golden bridge to convince him to stay at the club. According to Culture PSG, this capital increase was voted on at the general meeting of shareholders on June 30.

Heavy Covid losses

Concretely, these are new actions, valued at € 3.40 by the Sportune site, which have been placed on the market, in order to increase the club’s capital. The goal is to replenish the funds of the club in order to limit the impact of the health crisis. In June 2020, losses related to Covid-19 were estimated at 125 million euros in the club’s accounts. The amount has since doubled.

Some clubs will therefore suffer more than PSG, which can rely on the economic power of QSI. What to strengthen the gap between PSG and its competitors, no doubt, even if the process of capital increase is frequent in other circles than football. “In a classic company, everyone would say that the accounts are solid and that the shareholder is credible”, decrypts an economic player for Le Parisien.

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