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Adil Rami almost hit hard for his comeback!


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Small event on the side of Troyes this weekend, and it was necessary to go to a N3 match between ESTAC and Illkirch. Indeed, in a meeting which ended in a 0-0, Adil Rami found the official competition by putting on the jersey of the reserve. A meeting that Rami played in its entirety, even if the team describes the defender world champion 1998 as “logically lacking benchmarks”.

A few centimeters from the entrance mark

Under the eyes of Laurent Batllès, Rami admitted after the meeting felt “rather good” and especially “impatient to be 100% to be part of the best central L1”. In the meantime, Adil Rami has almost rewarded his comeback with a decisive moment. “At the end of the game, he even thinks of offering victory, his shot is pushed back on the line,” says the Team. Rami is therefore on the verge of a resounding return.

to summarize

Adil Rami, the 2018 world champion defender with the Blues, yesterday found the scent of official matches with the Troyes reserve. And his comeback was almost crowned with success as Rami missed a decisive goal by nothing.

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