Adil Rami confides in his goal and pays tribute to his coach

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Adil Rami celebrated in a beautiful way his return to Ligue 1 this season, finding the net against Rennes to allow his team to equalize before his team finally obtained a point (1-1).

But in comments relayed by the Team, Rami revealed that he was not very confident when the nets shook. “On the goal, at the beginning, I’m not too sure. I know I’m touching it but it’s been deflected. But that’s okay, he comes at the best of times, in our strongest moment, he did us good mentally. It’s a pleasure to participate in these good performances ”.

Rami pays tribute to the management of Batlles

Subsequently, Adil Rami paid tribute to the management of his coach Laurent Batlles who managed to integrate it gradually. “I arrived late, the coach knew how to talk to me, take his time so as not to burn me out,” explains the one who will be 36 years old at the end of the year. And before the game, we would all have signed for a point against this team. Rennes is not LOL, and in the last three matches we have taken points against great teams which allow us to advance in the standings. “

to summarize

Adil Rami, the central defender of Troyes, was decisive in allowing his team to equalize. A goal on which he was not completely confident. In front of the press, Rami also paid tribute to the good management of Laurent Batlles.

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