Ancelotti talks about Hazard’s frustration

In a press conference, Carlo Ancelotti, the coach of Real Madrid, spoke of Eden Hazard’s frustration on Wednesday in the Champions League.

Spared by injuries and back on the pitch, since the start of the season, the 30-year-old striker has experienced a new evening on the Madrid bench. Having warmed up for a long time on the edge of the Bernabeu, during the victory of his team against the Chakhtar (2-1), the Belgian international continues to take his troubles patiently. Unconvincing, the Belgian struggles to save playing time. Asked about this, Carlo Ancelotti wanted to clear things up at the end of the match.

« It’s normal to be angry sometimes, even more so in this context. I fully understand the reaction of a player who warmed up for 40 minutes on the edge of the lawn in the second half without coming into play in the end., confided the Italian technician. I told these players that I was sorry, but that I did not want to make any changes. Marcelo also warmed up for 40 minutes, and yet he is a player who has won the Champions League. I’m sorry, but my role is sometimes difficult and thankless. »

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