Angers: another decision of the VAR is controversial

Zapping Our Mondial Top10 Ligue1 Scorers Day 9

The VAR will therefore never stop talking. Yesterday, the Angevins were crying scandal after losing on the lawn of the Parc des Princes. Gerald Baticle’s men criticized the referee for his use of video during this meeting. However, if they are right to wonder about the decision bringing the second goal of PSG, another, at the start of the match, could well have changed the face of this clash.

A forgotten penalty on Icardi?

Indeed, while we have only played for 16 minutes of play, Mauro Icardi is perfectly found in the penalty area by Marco Verratti. The Argentine striker, alone against Paul Bernardoni, prepares to conclude, but Pierrick Capelle returns at the last moment to intervene. Problem, when we see the slow motion, we clearly see that the SCO player does not take the ball at any time and mows down the Parisian striker, who was going to strike. However, the referee did not seem to go back on this fault which seemed nevertheless obvious. At that time, there was still 0-0. What still question, overall, the use of video on the lawns of Ligue 1.

to summarize

Another controversy arose for this match between PSG and Angers following another fault not controlled by the video which could have resulted in a penalty. Indeed, Pierrick Capelle seems to make a real mistake on Mauro Icardi.

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