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Attacked for a Koundé jersey


The story is hardly believable: Thursday evening at the end of France-Belgium, a supporter of the Blues received from the hands of Jules Koundé his jersey… before being stolen with threats and violence by other spectators.

View from the stands, the semi-final of the League of Nations between the France and the Belgium turned sour in Turin on Thursday evening. While he had just received from the hands of Jules Koundé the jersey of the latter, Clément Houser, a fan of the Blues, was cowardly attacked by four individuals, who walked the talk – until biting him! – to tear off the famous tunic.

The Italian authorities, on the spot, refuse to take his complaint, but the young man is moved by his mishap on social networks. To his surprise, the jersey in question reappears on the Internet, worn by a rapper – Mehdi YZ – who in a story is amused by the situation: ” It bit to have it », He laughs, brandishing his trophy…

The media and digital machine is then racing. ” Thanks everyone. Thanks to you, Koundé contacted me (thank you). In addition, we have all the images, the police are on the spot. No violence or insults please, justice will do the job! », Posts the victim of the assault a few hours after his initial alert. The outcome comes immediately (below).

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