Aulas does not take offense at VAR

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When Jean-Michel Aulas has an idea in mind, it is difficult to take it out of his mind. Believing himself wronged on the refereeing especially during the matches against PSG and Lorient, the Lyon president had attacked the use made by the referees of the VAR. He put it on today.

Aulas does not take offense!

In an interview with L’Equipe, “JMA” once again spoke on the subject: “I can’t bring myself to it and that’s why we really have to put this mode of operation on the carpet today. Because, if this continues, we will discredit the VAR and the referees. When we do not express ourselves, we create an abyss of reflection and this is where the feeling of injustice is exacerbated. The example of rugby is striking: the referees have a natural authority with the players because they exchange on the field and through their microphones. This avoids psychodramas like the one we are experiencing. Especially since at OL, we are deprived of points that are now irrecoverable. Five in three matches is huge“he once again conceded.

to summarize

Jean-Michel Aulas, the president of Olympique Lyonnais does not take offense. Indeed, he feels aggrieved by the arbitration in the last matches and deplores the use of VAR. Multiplying the outputs on this subject, he gave a layer.

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