buyback offers expected Monday!

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Last in Ligue 1, ASSE will absolutely have to win against Clermont on Sunday to finally give itself a little air and especially glean its first success of the season. Nevertheless, the Greens will also play a big part of their future the next day.

Ultimatum Monday for redemption candidates!

Indeed, as the announcement The team, the candidates for the redemption of the club have until Monday to formulate a written and firm offer. The audit and management firm, KPMG, responsible for processing applications, has reportedly received 170 since the announcement of the Greens’ sale on April 14. However, very few of the latter have been retained by the data room containing all the accounting, tax and real estate documents of the Stéphane team (Data Room).

However, citing a source close to KPMG, the sports daily says at least one candidate should be able to make a firm, written offer by Monday. This would allow Roland Romeyer and Bernard Caïazzo to respect their timing, which established a sale before the end of the year and the opening of the winter transfer window. In addition, if the offer were to be accepted, then the sales process would speed up considerably.

In addition, the two presidents have reportedly accepted huge concessions. If they wanted 60 million euros in exchange for their shares last summer, the two men could now resolve to give the green light for an amount ranging between 12 and 20 million euros. Be careful, however, the financial question will not be sufficient while Caïazzo and Romeyer also want the future buyer to guarantee the sustainability of the club. Case to follow.

to summarize

Monday, AS Saint-Etienne will play a large part of its future. In fact, the candidates for the purchase of the Worms will have until this date to formulate a firm and written redemption offer. Optimism is in order with Roland Romeyer and Bernard Caïazzo.

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