Canal Football Club hits rock bottom

Now having to do without Pierre Ménès and deprived of images of Ligue 1, the Canal Football Club has struggled since the start of the season.

Launched in the summer of 2008, the Canal Football Club saw its 14e season. And if Hervé Mathoux still officiates at the presentation, Pierre Ménès, who joined the CFC in 2009, is no longer part of the adventure. Consequence of the controversy caused by the broadcast of Marie Portolano’s documentary “I’m not a slut, I’m a journalist”, the polemicist was thanked by the encrypted channel during the summer. A definitive departure that can hardly be overlooked by the team of consultants formed around Habib Beye or Laure Boulleau.

But the absence of Pierre Ménès is not the only handicap with which the Sunday show must compose. The Canal Football Club must also do without the images of Ligue 1, the rights of which were acquired at the beginning of the summer by Amazon Prime. A situation that Canal’s flagship program is paying a heavy price for. While the audience regularly flirted around one million viewers last season, the CFC has been in the doldrums since the start of the season.

If it had still gathered some 700,000 viewers for its recovery, the Canal Football Club was watched by only 411,000 viewers this Sunday, or 2.2% of market share. The show’s worst audience since the start of the season. The CFC certainly had to do without Hervé Mathoux, but the absence of the star presenter of Canal does not explain everything. The absence of images of Ligue 1 and the tone undoubtedly more civilized than in the past are also felt and the audiences keep dropping. To the point of calling into question the existence of the medium-term program and all the more so as Canal seems determined to show that it can do without Ligue 1 …

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