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Thibaut Courtois’ negative remarks about the calendar imposed by Fifa were not to the liking of Rafael van der Vaart, the former Dutch international.

For many, he is the face of the “seum”. Right or wrong, Thibaut Courtois has forged a reputation as a sore loser, especially after the defeats against the France team. Already very critical of the game of the Blues during the 2018 World Cup, the Belgian goalkeeper had again displayed some frustration after the setback of the Red Devils in the League of Nations.

Sunday, on the sidelines of Belgium’s defeat against Italy in the match for 3rd place, Courtois had given another rant, this time against the governing bodies of football. “This game is just a game of money and we have to be honest about it. We play it just because for UEFA it’s extra money. Watch how much the two teams have changed their lineups. If both teams had been in the final, other players would have played in the final. It just shows that we are playing too many matches ”, had cursed the Real Madrid goalkeeper at the microphone of Sky Sports.

“Let him return half of his salary!” “

Anger that was far from over: ” They (the leaders of UEFA, note) may be angry with other teams who want a Super League, but they don’t care about the players, they only care about their pockets, Courtois had chained. It’s a bad thing that we don’t talk about the players. And now you hear about a European Championship and a World Cup every year, when will we have a rest? Never. “

Asked to react to Courtois’ remarks, Rafael van der Vaart, the former Real Madrid player, let loose on the complaints of the Belgian goalkeeper. « LThe games are what is most enjoyable for a player. These words are whining. Even more from a guardian, lamented the former Dutch international, relays The last hour. I find that makes no sense. Let him return half of his salary and he will be entitled to six months of vacation. He is a football player, he is heavily paid by a club to play. Of course, the calendars are busy, but we’ve all known that. “

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