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Courtois’ rant against UEFA and FIFA


The day after Belgium’s 4th place in the League of Nations, Courtois railed against the international calendar.

Three years ago, Thibaut Courtois had been talked about for his bad loser side after the semi-final of the 2018 World Cup lost against France. If it was again a little, last Thursday after another setback against the Blues, the Belgian goalkeeper especially showed his annoyance about the programming of this League of Nations. Sunday, he put a layer back after the fourth place of the Red Devils following the defeat against Italy.

“It’s just a game for money,” the Real Madrid player told Sky Sports. “We have to be honest, we just played because for UEFA it’s money plus one more game on TV. “

“For us it’s a good game because it’s against Italy. Of course everyone wants to play this game but look how many changes the two teams have made. If both teams had played the final, they would have lined up all their players. It just shows that we are playing too many games. “

“For UEFA, it’s extra money”

Pesting against the schedule imposed by UEFA with this new competition, Courtois highlighted the mental and physical health of the players as a 2022 World Cup looms, which will be played in winter and not in summer in Qatar.

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“Next year we will play the World Cup in November, he continued. In June we will have to play again. We are going to get injured, nobody is worried about the players. In June after a long season, we have to playing four games in the Nations League. We will have two weeks of vacation and that is not enough for top players. We never say anything, and it is always the same. “

Between UEFA and FIFA, Courtois puts everyone in the same basket and took advantage of this media platform to show that he is fiercely opposed to the organization of a World Cup both, as reflected by the FIFA.

“They put in extra games, one more trophy,” he continues. “They may be mad at the Super League teams but they don’t care about the players. They just care about (filling) their pockets. bad thing if the players don’t make themselves heard. They now want to put on the World Cup or a Euro every year. When do we rest? Never. The top players will be injured and still injured. That’s something we should care more about. We are not robots. There are more and more games and less rest for us. No one is worried about us. “


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