Cristiano Ronaldo has a plan for the aftermath of Manchester United

Having signed for two seasons at Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo would see himself starting his coaching career with the Red Devils.

Lionel Messi left for PSG, Cristiano Ronaldo could not stand idly by so the Portuguese struck a big blow. More truly fulfilled at Juventus Turin, CR7 returned to his first love, not with Sporting Lisbon but with Manchester United.

In search of a player capable of bringing the club back to the fore after five years without a trophy, the Red Devils have therefore bet on the 36-year-old striker.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s new life in Mancun has started quite well personally with 4 goals already scored but collectively, it’s a little slower.

The match against Villarreal, this Wednesday evening, should allow Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s men to start their European season, after the setback against the Young Boys of Bern, and thus begin their march towards a trophy.

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Cristiano Ronaldo’s stated goal for his return and who would have planned everything by signing for two seasons, according to a source at the club.

“Ronaldo made it clear to everyone that he came back to United to help them win trophies, the source told British tabloid The Sun. But in his mind he will play for them for more than two years. . He is still in top form and likes to show that nothing is impossible. He is obsessed with football and knows all about the game. A lot of players started their coaching careers at United, so he thinks that it could be a good way to start the next chapter of his career. “

Former Red Devils striker, Solskjaer has also called on Mickael Carrick and Darren Fletcher to assist him. What if Cristiano Ronaldo was the next to join the Mancunian benches?


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