Cristiano Ronaldo’s bad influence at Juve

In an interview with The Athletic, Bonucci admitted that Cristiano Ronaldo’s presence may have forced some to do less.

A few days ago, Ronald Koeman pointed out one of the problems that had affected Barça for a few years: watching Lionel Messi thinking that the Argentinian would solve all the club’s problems. This problem, Juventus Turin seems to have known it in recent years with Cristiano Ronaldo, if Leonardo Bonucci is to be believed.

Invited to look back on the Portuguese’s three years in the Old Lady, the Italian central defender believes that the aura of CR7 has had a detrimental effect on the Turin collective. If he does not target Cristiano Ronaldo as the main culprit, Bonucci believes that some have rested a little too much on their laurels.

“There was this idea that a player, maybe the best in the world, could guarantee the victory of Juventus, Bonucci explains in an interview with The Athletic. The presence of Cristiano had a great influence on us. Just training with him gave us something more, but subconsciously players started to think that his presence alone was enough to win games … “

“We started to do a little less in the daily work, in the humility, the sacrifice, and the desire to be there for your teammate day in and day out. remark.”

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Individuality above the collective, this is what brought Juventus Turin to its downfall, culminating in the loss of the league title last season. Supposed to be the missing pawn for the Italian club to finally hang this Champions League, Cristiano Ronaldo will have finally done more harm than anything else, and this, despite himself.

“We finished fourth in Serie A and won the Cup because we became a team again, Bonucci said.

“We missed something. Maybe it was taken for granted that if we gave Cristiano the ball he would win the game for us. But Cristiano needed the team as much as we needed him.”


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