cut like never after Metz, Gerson straight to a monumental flop?

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Granted, his header was denied for some obscure reason, and would undoubtedly have tipped the press option to the other side. But OM did concede a sad draw against Metz this Sunday at the Vélodrome (0-0). And Gerson, author of a once again tasteless performance with the ball to the foot, is the privileged target of critics.

Gerson compared to a hiker through Provence

The Team (with the score of 3) does not spare the Brazilian who “begins to hurt, with new very disappointing performance”, noting his lack of impact in the attacking game and his offensive absences in addition to a worrying waste. Provence tackles even harder on its side. “Even the Brazilians wouldn’t be able to recognize Gerson if they saw him today in Marseille. The Auriverde must be good at hiking since walking seems to be his specialty, ”says the regional daily.

A spicy outing like the big disappointment aroused by Gerson’s first months in Marseille. With an investment of nearly 20 million euros last summer, OM had put the small dishes in the big ones to attract the Brazilian international. Is a monumental flop slowly but surely taking shape?

to summarize

During the match against Metz, the midfielder of OM Gerson again disappointed in great proportions. What to undergo heavy criticism. And even draw a resounding flop for the biggest Marseille transfer of the summer?

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