Delort, the French team, Rothen… Belmadi lets loose!

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The case of Andy Delort does not stop talking in Algeria. The striker decided to put the selection on hold to focus on his club, after being transferred to OGC Nice this summer. A decision that is very difficult to pass with Djamel Belmadi.

Algeria coach was the guest of the show Rothen ignites, on RMC. What to return to the case of his attacker: “I have no personal nervousness. Dirty laundry is washed with the family, and the relationships and discussions that I can have with a player, normally it remains between us. But as here it does not also concern the group, if I do not summon it I must give reasons. You have to communicate well and tell it as it is. He spoke in France, I understand, but I would have preferred that he rather addressed the Algerian press first and the Algerian population. I’ll put things in context: he accepts that there is competition in Nice, he wants to fight for that, but he does not accept this competition in the national team. There is absolute nonsense about it. I’ll tell you something, Nice wanted Slimani and asked him the same as Delort. He said: not even in a dream ”. It’s hard to imagine the striker coming back with the Fennecs as long as Belmadi is at the head of the latter.

The coach finds Andy Delort’s gesture very selfish: “That’s the big joke of the year. It’s either big stupidity, or the nerve that knows no bounds. So we are going to play under 40 ° in Niger, in appalling conditions, we are going to hit each other all over Africa during a qualifying campaign which is a bit of a hell, and when everything is done, when everything is settled, the gentleman comes back like a little bride: ‘Is it okay I’m available now?’ This is doubly disrespectful to us. “

The coach also attacked Jérôme Rothen: “When it comes to a country and a nation, you have to be careful. You can be subversive, I like it when you talk about football, but as soon as you get out of the stuff, I’m not interested. […] Andy Delort has started a third of the games. Most of the time I play with a single attacker. I have three attackers, so they have approximately the same playing time. When you say he did us a favor for the CAN, I’ll tell you, Algeria did him a favor. “

Djamel Belmadi also mentioned the France team, wanting to avoid following the same path as the Blues: “We will play a small final against Burkina Faso normally, because there is a match before that, against Djibouti . We often repeat that after a great coronation, behind there is often a failure or a slackening in performance, as for example the France team which comes out in eighth at the last Euro. The same for Germany after 2014. We were careful not to fall into this problem. I have not let go of my players so that this does not happen to us. “

to summarize

Djamel Belmadi was the guest of a French radio show. The coach of Algeria swept all the news and returned to the case of Andy Delort, who decided to take a break with the Algerian selection.

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