dormant tensions between Qatar and Mauricio Pochettino?

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Even if Mauricio Pochettino has aroused regular criticism since the start of the season, especially about the quality of play of a team with an XXL cast, or the too high propensity to take goals, the Argentinian technician does not seem in danger. for the moment at PSG. This does not mean that the tensions are not appropriate and the Parisian, in its edition of the day, notes some substantive differences that could represent a problem.

Indeed, while Pochettino regularly takes the side of patience to justify a stammering game project, the management of PSG does not intend to give his coach any excuse. “The Parisian staff considers that it has largely furnished the weapons of its coach with the pharaonic recruitment of last summer”, writes the daily, which nevertheless feels that Pochettino is not frankly of the same opinion, with regard to ‘a competition between two goalkeepers that he “did not choose” and an attacking trio certainly ultra talented but not necessarily compatible with his philosophy based on pressing on all floors.

Pochettino more and more frustrated with his role?

More certain, the Parisian also assures that Mauricio Pochettino would not be delighted with his role at PSG, frustrated to be confined to a simple role of coach, far from that of English manager that he was able to know at Tottenham. “Pochettino has the feeling to be caught by the syndrome of his predecessors Thomas Tuchel and Unai Emery. That of a trainer summoned to train, but who, moreover, does not decide much and finds himself confined to managing the egos of a star locker room ”. A frustration that necessarily remains buried as long as the results are good. But the situation could inevitably change if things were to take a turn for the worse …

to summarize

Mauricio Pochettino is not threatened at PSG, but the disagreements seem quite clear with his management, and could feed some frustration. Indeed, the Argentine coach would not be delighted with his rather restrictive role in the Parisian project.

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