England punished after Euro 2020!

Following the excesses that occurred before the Euro final against Italy in July, England was sanctioned by UEFA.

On July 11, England and Italy competed for the title of European champion. A great and beautiful evening in thoérie, but quickly tarnished by the English supporters. Several people without tickets to the match tried to enter the stadium, creating multiple brawls and scenes of chaos in front of the stadium.

On Monday, UEFA decided to sanction the English Football Association. England was sentenced to a closed-door match, and a second suspended sentence, for the lack of order and discipline within the stadium and its surroundings. The Three Lions will thus play without an audience during their next UEFA competition, which will be the Nations League in June.

The English federation is also fined 100,000 euros for the invasion of the land, the throwing of projectiles as well as the disturbances during the national anthems.

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