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France team: Didier Deschamps calms the game on the rivalry with Belgium


The coach returned to the rivalry between the two teams, 24 hours before the semi-final of the League of Nations, in Turin.

“I consider this Final Four as an enchanted break. Now that we are there, there is a place in the Final and a potential title. It is not unpleasant to be already in the half …”

Didier Deschamps was relaxed in front of the press on the eve of the semi-final of the League of Nations between the France team and Belgium, Thursday evening in Turin. A match between two teams whose rivalry had taken a new turn after the 2018 semi-final in Russia.

“I am not convinced that a feeling animates them, wanted to temper the coach. For us this match was decisive because it allowed us to play a final, but what happens tomorrow will not change anything in the 2018 match. Tomorrow we will also play a place for the final of the League of Nations.

“There has always been a healthy rivalry with them, because it is a border country. The post-match was marked by a few statements but also a lot of interpretations … But there is a lot of respect, from my leaves for Roberto Martinez, and also between the players. It will be a very nice poster, with two teams where there is quality. The players like to play such matches, where there is adrenaline and a clear goal. “

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A meeting which will take place in Turin, where DD played and then coached for many years. “I went back for professional reasons, I saw games here to watch players. I consider Turin to be my second home, I have spent almost half of my career there., moved the coach. I was marked by my time here, even if the stadium has changed. I know a lot of people still working there, it’s a pleasure to come back. “

Deschamps also mentioned the Kylian Mbappé episode, who complained in recent days about the lack of support he would have received after the Euro: “I don’t know what he said, I’m not interested. The most important thing is that I saw him and that we discussed. The speech I have internally, directly with the players, is the most important. Kylian is happy to be there, like all his partners he is looking forward to tomorrow’s game. What happened is over. The important thing is today and tomorrow. “

Finally, the boss of the Blues was delighted with the new competition brought by many young people since two gatherings. “There has always been competition, after that it comes to new players, he confided, speaking in particular of Théo Hernandez or Aurélien Tchouaméni. If I took them back it is because I am satisfied with what they did last month. The competition is always there, it’s important. The more difficult choices I have to make, the better. “


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