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🚨 PSG – Nice: Messi disappoints after his Ballon d’Or, Paris stalls at the Parc!


Zapping Our Mondial Top10 Ligue1 Scorers – Day 14

In an evening where Lionel Messi presented his Ballon d’Or to the public of the Park who applauded him, we could hope for better from the Pulga and the Parisian public had long hoped for it. Problem, like the overall performance of the Parisian team, PSG disappointed against a very solid Nice formation (0-0).

The Niçois can even consider themselves unfortunate not to have pulled off the perfect shot because Delort in the first period and Dolberg in the second had enormous opportunities to score, the Dane almost missing the inevitable at close range.

PSG, for its part, had some opportunities through Mbappé who stumbled on Benitez (27th) then sent a narrow strike (64th). Angel Di Maria, for his part, missed the frame of a beautiful strike fifteen minutes from the end (74th). The last real Parisian opportunity before an ultimately disappointing draw, which nevertheless does not prevent the club from the capital from being already crowned autumn champion.

to summarize

PSG failed to do better than a draw at home against a solid Nice team (0-0). Lionel Messi in particular did not really succeed in being decisive, two days after his coronation during the Ballon d’Or.

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