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200 Lyon supporters classified at risk present, ex-PSG ultras in detonator?


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The investigation into the violence at Paris FC – OL last night continues! According to The team via police sources, 200 at-risk supporters were in the parking lot of 500 Lyonnais who had made the move.

The daily specifies video in support, that the clashes could have been caused by “supposed supporters of the PSG”, armed with nunchakus, iron bars, bicycle chains or agricultural bombs. These hooligans would in fact be IDS (stadium bans) of the Parc des Princes, present in Charléty for ten years.

“Nothing today allows us to say that they are still affiliated with the ultras groups of the PSG. As nothing formally proves that the Lyon hooligans who attacked the platform this Friday evening, are part of one of the main associations of ultras Lyonnais (Bad Gones and Lyon 1950) “tempers however The team.

The presence of dangerous individuals in both camps could therefore explain the chaos that reigned at the Charléty stadium. OL will have to clean up their groups of supporters while Paris FC “will have to explain the presence inside the stadium of armed men before the FFF disciplinary committee”, as well as its service too lax security.

to summarize

According to L’Equipe, stadium bans (IDS) of the Parc des Princes could be linked to the violence of Paris FC – OL last night. The daily specifies that 200 Lyon supporters classified at risk were present at the Charlety stadium.

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