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a big crop signed Sergio Ramos in the locker room?


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If Mauricio Pochettino and the PSG players could generally hide behind the results to sweep away the legitimate concerns expressed about their game since the start of the season, the defeat at Manchester City and especially the manner, with an overall impression of Mancunian overdomination and a block Parisian who never existed, arouses reproaches like never before. Whether outside the locker room … but also inside.

Sergio Ramos has contained himself for a few months

The Team of the Day reveals that attitudes are starting to irritate a person who could take up more and more room in the locker room in the near future. Sergio Ramos, the central defender of PSG, has not yet officially walked the lawns with Paris but it should not be long, and the effects should quickly be felt in the locker room.

The daily adds that Sergio Ramos, aware that his speech would not go well as long as he is not with his partners in the field, has “held back in recent months” on the criticisms to be formulated. But the legend of Real Madrid has all the same “identified doubtful attitudes in the intensity or in the races”. What to augur a big reframing accompanying his return to competition? No doubt some PSG players would need it.

to summarize

While PSG have shown against Manchester City that they still have work to do to be a great team, Sergio Ramos could quickly put his two cents in. L’Equipe ensures that Spain is contained for the moment, but does not think less.

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