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A disaster for Barça


For the first time in twenty years, FC Barcelona, ​​corrected by Bayern Munich on Wednesday, will not play the knockout stages of the Champions League. A “blow of the club” for Xavi.

The step was indeed too high for the Barça. Despite the beautiful speeches of Xavi, who wanted to see his troops “Write history”, the Blaugrana were quit for a new humiliation in the face of Bayern Munich with a 3-0 defeat which seals the elimination of the Catalan club. Third in its group, the Catalan club will therefore have to be content with the Europa League next February. A humiliating poor performance for the Spanish giant, who was systematically in the round of 16 of the Champions League for twenty years.

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Interviewed at the end of the meeting, Xavi, called to the rescue this fall in place of Ronald Koeman to rectify the situation, also drew up a lucid observation. “I witnessed a very harsh reality, it is a sad and difficult situation. I wanted to be up to the Champions League, try to win it. But reality tells us we’re not level, he explained. It’s hard, but it is so. We have to face this reality. A new stage begins today. We cannot be satisfied with that. We must rebel. Barça’s place is not the Europa League. “

A shortfall of 20 M €

A rebellion that will go through change, warned the new Barça strongman, who hopes to see his club enter a ” new era “. “The real face of Barça is not that of today. The Europa League, I played it, it’s not the queen of European competitions, but you have to play it. I told the players: we are going to start a new era to restore great hopes, he continued. I was hoping to compete a little more. I feel responsible as a coach. It’s also quite a blow to me. We will work to find Barça, which we know as quickly as possible, but things will have to be changed, that’s clear. “

The winter transfer window should therefore be lively, but the Catalan leaders will not have it easy. Consequence of the bloodless finances with which they will have to deal. And the elimination from the group stage of the Champions League, which deprives Barça of twenty million euros in revenue, obviously does not help matters.

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