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A group of death for the Blues?


It is on April 1 that the France team will meet its 2022 World Cup opponents in Qatar, but Didier Deschamps’ men can expect heavy.

Imagine the 2018 world champions falling in a group to the death with Germany, theAlgeria and Uruguay. L’French team of Didier Deschamps had been spared during the last World Cup in Russia, avoiding Spain and England in his group, but can once again expect the worst in the draw of the Global 2022 (November 21-December 18), which will take place on April 1 in Qatar.

The Blues, 3rd in the Fifa rankings, will obviously be among the seeds in the draw, along with the host country Qatari, the Belgian world leader, Brazil, England, Argentina, Spain. and Italy (6th) or Portugal (8th). EDF could have had Cristiano Ronaldo as a potential opponent at the World Cup, but the Seleçao fell in the same picture as the Nazionale in European play-offs.

Algeria between hat 3 and 4

It is therefore the Mannschaft that will really have to be avoided in hat 2, while the Netherlands, Croatia, Denmark and the Swiss executioners of the Euro can be dangerous opponents for Karim Benzema and his teammates. Note that the Fifa ranking (updated on December 23) should not change much by April 1, especially since Fifa does not usually take into account the results of the play-offs.

The France team could then inherit one of the best African teams in hat 3, Senegal (20th world), Morocco (28th), Tunisia (29th) or Algeria (32nd), knowing that the champions Africa 2019 can also be found in hat 4! A final hat which should welcome the two winners of the intercontinental dams, rescheduled for June 2021. The 5th Amsud will challenge an Asian country. But it could be Colombia or Uruguay …

Series heads: Qatar and the 7 best teams in the Fifa rankings

The top 8 of the Fifa ranking: Belgium, Brazil, France, England, Argentina, Italy (barrage), Spain, Portugal (barrage)

From 8 to 15: Denmark, Netherlands, USA (not yet qualified), Germany, Switzerland, Mexico (not yet qualified), Croatia

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