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a new dirty coup from Barça in the Messi file?


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A few weeks ago, Barça was experiencing a real earthquake with the departure of its 15-year-old legend. Lionel Messi, the Argentine star, was unable to extend with the Catalan club before committing a few days late with PSG. A very difficult start for Barça who has been trying to get back on his feet ever since. And not necessarily in a very classy way.

Barca never mentioned a free extension

Two days ago, during a speech on Catalan radio RAC1, Joan Laporta blurted out about the Pulga. “What I was hoping was that at the last minute there would be a change and we would say: free. I would have been completely convinced ”. A rather crude way of sending the ball into the court of a Messi deemed too greedy to continue the Barcelona adventure.

But the reality would be quite different if we are to believe the daily Sport. Indeed, the latter ensures that the question of a free extension would never have arrived on the table. Neither on the part of Messi, nor on the part of Barça, rather cheeky to point the finger at Messi for this scenario which was therefore never mentioned during the long discussions between the parties …

to summarize

While Lionel Messi has been away from Barça for a few weeks, the Catalan club seems to be insidiously trying to blame him. Yet, and while Laporta hinted at a free extension, the hypothesis never existed in the negotiations.

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