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a Russian billionaire was in Geoffroy-Guichard to redeem the Greens!


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For many weeks now, the soap opera of the takeover of ASSE has continued to rebound. The latest, namely the announced postponement of the sale when several candidates had come forward, sounded like a cold snap even if the trail of a new wealthy investor had been mentioned. It turns out that he was in Geoffroy-Guichard this Sunday!

Indeed, the Team reveals that several members of the board of directors of Total Sports Investments LLP (TSI), a venture capital firm investing in sport (ice hockey, rally, basketball, golf and football), were present. for the shock against PSG. A show of force to show the very clear desire to buy the Saint-Etienne club.

A pledge to the tune of 100 million euros

At the head of this company, President Roman Dubov, a Russian billionaire living in London. According to the daily’s website, the TSI company sent an email to KPMG, the firm that manages the sale of ASSE, with a letter of intent to inject 100 million euros into the funds of ASSE. Serious things will therefore be able to begin in the negotiations, while the Saint-Etienne leaders and these potential buyers would have visited the Robert-Herbin sports center in Etrat in the wake of the match.

to summarize

The soap opera of the takeover of ASSE has just experienced a new twist. Indeed, a Russian billionaire would have made good progress on the matter. To the point of being present this Sunday for the poster against PSG in Geoffroy-Guichard.

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