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Adil Rami makes the show in front of the press with some punchlines


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Laurent Batlles had not given him the easiest task by entrusting him with the marking of Dimitri Payet. Adil Rami did rather well and after the meeting, it is with as much aplomb as on the ground that the 1998 world champion.

The opportunity to do the show in front of the press. “It gave me great pleasure to come back here. I still have friends here, ”Rami said soberly at first. Before showing more offensive when commenting on his return to high level in Ligue 1. “In a month, I’m 36 years old and this longevity in football, that means something. I closed a few mouths, some people like gossips in the toilets too much, ”said Rami.

The Trojan defender, subsequently, confirmed his exit from injury in flowery language. “Ah yes, I was really hurt tonight when I go out!” I didn’t poop panties! Rami said before confiding that he had not had the opportunity to meet Jorge Sampaoli, his former coach at Sevilla FC. ” I have not seen it. (Laughs) otherwise I would have plugged it in a corner, ”Rami concluded.

to summarize

Adil Rami, the defender of Troyes, appeared in front of the press after the defeat against OM. With his always keen sense of repartee. The opportunity to cram a few punchlines after having made a rather solid match.

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