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Adrien Rabiot is destroyed like never before in Italy!


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Since Adrien Rabiot decided to join Juventus Turin, the midfielder has struggled to find consistency. To the point of regularly being criticized in Italy. During the Italian Super Cup match lost to Inter Milan last Wednesday, Rabiot’s performance once again caused a stir.

However, Massimiliano Allegri had come to his aid a little later in front of the press. “Adrien Rabiot was criticized after Wednesday’s game but I think he had a good game. He caused a lot of problems for his vis-à-vis, Nicolo Barella. Rabiot took over Barella who is nevertheless a renowned player.

Di Canio violently attacks Rabiot

Words that made a certain Paolo Di Canio jump. The former Italian international and coach did not spare Rabiot, delivering a scathing analysis of his performance. “When I read Allegri’s words I thought, ‘So I was stoned. At 75’ I was distracted for a moment and heard ‘Rabiot’. So I said ‘Ah, but he came in’. What does Rabiot do? Is he useful in the game, started by wondering Di Canio. Even at PSG, he scored 20 goals in 250 games with a team that creates 20 goals per game. He plays like an attacking midfielder, because he’s someone who has technical, elegant qualities… But he never shoots, he doesn’t make a vertical decisive pass, he doesn’t look for crosses and doesn’t fill in the repair area. To wonder if he knows how to play football? What exactly does he do? »

to summarize

Adrien Rabiot, the former midfielder of PSG today at Juventus, is struggling to achieve unanimity. In Italy, a terrible criticism fell lately. Paolo Di Canio has indeed cut out the middle of the France team.

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