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after the defeat in Rennes, Verratti went to party with Ibrahimovic!


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In its edition of the day, the Team revealed that within PSG, we were starting to wonder about the links between the Parisian evenings where some players were seen this week, and the physical deficit still visible in a fairly clear on the lawn of Rennes. With a Neymar particularly targeted by critics with a particularly unspecified performance in Brittany.

In this context of mistrust vis-à-vis the lifestyle of players, the latest news from Marco Verratti is likely to speak. Indeed, just a few hours after the painful defeat of PSG on the lawn of Rennes, the Parisian medium was in Milan, which he therefore joined very quickly, in order to participate in the birthday party of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who was celebrating its 40 years. If his departure for Italy is justified by the international truce that was beginning, the timing so close to a defeat necessarily raises some questions …

to summarize

Obviously, Marco Verratti was not upset by the defeat of PSG in Rennes. A few hours later, he was in Milan to celebrate a certain Zlatan Ibrahimovic. While the nocturnal kinds of Parisians are debated, the timing is spicy …

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