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After the Giroud episode, Mbappé had “the rage”


The words of Olivier Giroud at the end of the France-Bulgaria match, at the beginning of June in preparation for the Euro, had a particular resonance with Kylian Mbappé. With the consequences that we know.

« Balloons that don’t arrive »Denounced by a Giroud double scorer with Blues in a friendly against Bulgaria, just before the Euro, certainly had more echo than expected. ” It was for me, I was concerned “, Has fun today Mbappé, at the turn of an interview with RMC. However these words, initially, the attacker of the PSG received them very badly. “ I was disappointed two days. It’s the truth. I had rage at night. It’s true, I’m honest, I had rabies at night. It was more the thing… you score two goals, I come to congratulate you and you do not tell me anything… »

Since the two men explained, ” but I think we dragged her out for a really long time (this story, editor’s note), ”says Mbappé. Proof of this is the disastrous course of the France team this summer, and this premature elimination of the European Championship, against Switzerland, at the stage of the knockout stages. Giroud, he lost his place in the selection, paying the price when the return of Benzema, already, had impacted his international status in the spring. Mbappé nevertheless wishes him only one thing: to reconnect with the Blues to get the record of goals from Thierry Henry (51, when the Milanese currently peaks at 46 goals). ” I think it’s important for him too », Breathes the Parisian.

“I have nothing against Giroud”

It remains to be seen why Giroud had this reflection on the evening of France-Bulgaria, and this feeling vis-à-vis Mbappé. The latter has his opinion on the matter. ” As I explained, it is a question of profiles. I do not say: “Him, I do not give him the ball”. I’m not a jerk. But he has a different profile. I was criticized for making more passes to Benzema. Benzema, he comes to touch balls 60 meters from the goal. I often watch the after-matches: “He gave him 16 balls”. But how many key passes, how many passes to score? If the ball comes, you do a throw-in, we can do 50 … The opponent, he takes a coffee, he says: “When you’re finished, you come in front of our cages”. They are different players. Olivier is more of a surface player, who breathes the goal. He touches less balloons. It’s a question of profiles. People believed it was a personal perception. Me, I have nothing against him! I have absolutely nothing against him … »

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