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Aleksander Ceferin’s foot call


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The pandemic has regained ground in recent weeks. Like Tottenham, cases of Covid-19 are increasing in different clubs. Stadiums are already behind closed doors in Germany. UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin sent a strong message to the players about the vaccination.

“For me, I believe in science and got the vaccine. I think they should get the shot as soon as possible but I still believe, for now, that it is a personal choice. (…) We have to be smart, explain things. People are not stupid. […] I think that sooner or later, if not all, the vast majority will understand it, ”he explained at a press conference. UEFA is also planning to release a video for players to explain the benefits of vaccination.

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Aleksander Ceferin sends a strong message to the players. The UEFA president calls for everyone to be vaccinated.

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