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Angers: new twist in the penalty case


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The Angevins had a hard time digesting this decision. On the last day of Ligue 1, Gerald Baticle’s men moved to the Parc des Princes. Catchy, they held the draw until the very last minutes and the referee’s decision to award a penalty to PSG for a foul hand from Angevin.

Guest of the show Rothen ignites, on RMC, the boss of the French refereeing, Pascal Garibian, admitted an error: “Our objective is that the referees make the maximum of good decisions. Factually, we are at -20% of errors and 75% of erroneous errors have been corrected, that is to say as many controversies less. On PSG-Angers it’s a mistake on our part. There is no ambiguity. We have nothing to hide, we share with the clubs, including on situations on which we were wrong. I had the opportunity to talk to the SCO the next day ”

The latter considers that the video referee is responsible: “The video assistant, and he is the first unhappy one, was embarked in a tunnel effect. He considered the hand to be punishable. He analyzed Mbappé’s offside potential but did not return to the start. It’s a mistake on our part ”Not sure that this is enough to calm the anger of the SCO of Angers.

to summarize

The boss of French refereeing, Pascal Garibian, returned to the decision to award a penalty to Paris Saint-Germain on the last day of Ligue 1 against SCO Angers. The latter recognized the mistake of the men with the whistle.

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