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Arsenal: Arteta’s confessions on the future of Alexandre Lacazette


The Arsenal coach returned to the contractual situation of the French striker, decisive against Crystal Palace.

Seventy-two short minutes. It’s Alexandre Lacazette’s starving playing time in the Premier League this season. But during his last entry into the game against Crystal Palace, the French striker transformed the face of the Gunners. Alexandre Lacazette brought energy, determination and above all allowed Arsenal to avoid defeat at home against a London rival, thanks to his first goal of the season.

Arsenal – Crystal Palace (2-2), Lacazette saves the gunners

Alexandre Lacazette celebrated as it should be his goal with the fans of the Gunners in delirium. Before the meeting against Aston Villa, Mikel Arteta returned, in a press conference, on the performance of the Frenchman: “I think he was able to transmit that energy and that it was contagious for the rest of the team and for the stadium. He created a different atmosphere right away with his energy, with his quality as well and the determination he showed to change the outcome right away, and the belief in himself that he could do it. “

At the end of the contract next summer, Alexandre Lacazette has still not extended and will be free to choose his future club from January. The Spaniard commented on his striker’s situation: “It’s a shame he can talk to other clubs in January? This is the situation we have and we must accept it. I can’t ask the player anything, how he is handling this situation, and it is not an individual situation. It’s a trickle-down situation because of the others that we have to deal with, both in the past and now, to see what will be the best option for everyone at the end of the season.

“The future of Lacazette? Everything is possible”

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“I had no doubts about his professionalism. If I had to do that, I would probably suggest doing something different with him in the summer, when a player doesn’t find the motivation or if his interests are limited to his financial future. That’s not the case with Laca, and he’s shown it every day since I’ve been here. That’s why he’s a very important player for us. He’s our player and I treat him like anyone else. what another player, not because he has a year left. I’m not going to treat him any differently and that’s what he deserves“Mikel Arteta added.

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The Arsenal coach does not rule out any scenario concerning the future of Alexandre Lacazette: “If we wanted to keep it we would have already found an agreement? It depends on a lot of things, it is not only a question of will, it is also a question of the possibility of achieving that will and when, which is very important too. Can’t find a deal and make a new offer? No, I wouldn’t say that. Everything is possible”.

“It’s a problem that arises in all clubs because the contract is long and the players have certain ages and certain stages in their careers. It’s something common that you have to be able to deal with. Him. giving an extra year to save the club time is a strategy you can use, but when to do it? You can do it the year before, you can do it during the season, you can do it in the end of the season. There are very different ways. Each player acts differently and needs a different level of motivation and a different level of confidence or confidence that he has the confidence and faith of the club Each case is unique“, concluded Mikel Arteta.


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