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Arsenal: Mikel Arteta worried about coaches’ mental health


The Arsenal coach confided in the abuses suffered by technicians in recent years, warning the next generations.

Mikel Arteta has warned that coaches may turn their backs on their careers for fear of the insults they receive. The Arsenal coach has had his fair share of criticism over the past 18 months and has expressed disappointment at the treatment Steve Bruce received during his tenure at Newcastle, which ended this week.

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After being sacked by Newcastle on Wednesday, Steve Bruce revealed in a statement that the post could be his last in football due to the effect fan abuse has had on him and his family. And Mikel Arteta, whose team faces Aston Villa on Friday night, believes the problem could lead more and more managers – young and old – to choose not to pursue their football careers. The Spaniard also relativized, preferring to retain the pleasure felt.

“The pleasure is so great that it shouldn’t stop you”

“I have a lot of friends who take classes and wonder if they want to be in the hot seat or if it’s better to be an assistant or something. And people who have been managers before. do not start over. For me that cannot be an obstacle, because you are afraid of the treatment you are going to receive. I think the pleasure is so great that it should not stop you “, thus entrusted the former assistant of Pep Guardiola to Manchester City.

“But it’s important that we take a little care of the environment and put things in the right place. Otherwise, I don’t think the situation will improve. I think it will get worse if we don’t do anything.” , then added the Iberian coach. The Arsenal manager says he has urged anyone who has raised concerns about the abuse issue to him, to try to stay focused on why they wanted to pursue a coaching career in the first place.

“You cannot lose your focus, your passion and your love. The reason you made the decision to do it in the first place. If you are affected by every opinion in life today, with ease with which you can read things about yourself, you will not be happy in what you do. You have to be able to cope with that. But obviously we can help to be able to cope with it “, finally advised Mikel Arteta, who knows what he is talking about.


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