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ASSE, Puel evokes a possible dismissal


Asked about his future at the Forez club, Claude Puel was rather confident despite the difficult start to the season for his men.

The teammates of Wahbi Khazri are last in the ranking of League 1. The Stéphane team did not win any match during the first eight days. A catastrophic record for the start of the season. Partly responsible for the poor results of the Greens, Claude Puel knows full well he’s in an ejection seat. In an interview with Changing rooms Magazine, the French technician wanted to discuss his situation.

« Of course, where I coached, my leaders must have wondered at times whether they should press the button or not., he explained. But I don’t care! In my head, I am free. If they have never done it (with the exception of his time in Leicester, editor’s note), it is because the strength that animated me, my assurance, gave them somewhere certain guarantees. »

Regarding his career with Saint-Etienne so far, Claude Puel will say: ” Sometimes I try to explain, but hey… We only remember “they won” or “they lost”, that’s how it is. It’s a thankless job because people don’t know. They would like us to play Europe while we are on a mission to save the club (sic) and in particular financially, by releasing assets with the development of young players. Before others benefit, later, from our work… In the meantime, I must continue to move forward, most of the time in adversity and incomprehension, trying not to put all this weight on the players and the staff ».

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