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At Real, Mbappé is unanimous


Not a week goes by in Madrid without mentioning the possible transfer of Kylian Mbappé to Real. This Monday, it’s Casemiro who sticks to it.

The supposed acquaintances between Kylian Mbappé and the Real Madrid are definitely in everyone’s mind. Including those of the merengues players. This Monday at a press conference, on the eve of the reception of Inter Milan in the Champions League, housemiro was able to say all the good things he thought about the striker PSG.

« I believe that Mbappé, even if he is not one of our players and that it is always difficult to talk about someone who is not with us, is really a great player, says the Brazilian midfielder. He was recently included in the top three players in the world. Any football fan would confirm that he is a very great player! »

100% compatible with Vinicius

And the Madrid executive to validate this potential recruit by imagining his association with Vinicius Jr, one of the driving forces behind the White House this season. ” Kylian Mbappé is compatible with any footballer in the world. He and Vinicius, both have had incredible moments in their careers. I think they would be compatible. »

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