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Ballon d’Or, an “inadmissible” error denounced


The list of the 30 players nominated for the Ballon d’Or election does not please everyone, it is the case to say it, and the absence of Edouard Mendy seems in particular completely improbable …

If the Ballon d’Or France Football 2021 will be awarded, except clap of thunder, to Lionel Messi, the list of the 30 nominated players, unveiled last Friday on the L’Equipe channel, has disappointed a large part of football fans. A handful of players do not totally deserve to be highlighted in the 30, especially as two forgotten have more marked the year: Jan Oblak and Edouard Mendy.

The keeper of Chelsea was one of the Blues’ most important players on Thomas Tuchel’s winning run in the Champions League. His (obvious) nomination in the 10 goalkeepers for the Lev Yachine Trophy does not change anything, he would have had his place alongside Gianluigi Donnarumma in the 30 nominated.

Mané’s rant

healthy mane was thus questioned (by Wiw Sport) on the absence of his Senegalese teammate. ” Edouard’s case, I don’t understand, I find it unacceptable “, Launched the Liverpool and Teranga Lions striker, who also recognizes that he does not deserve to be in the 30 nominated this year, after finishing 4th in 2019.

African football regularly regrets a lack of consideration for the best players on the continent, but, for once, Edouard Mendy is not only Senegalese international. France Football especially skipped a native of Normandy with a rather exceptional course, since, failing from the training center of Le Havre, he played in National (Cherbourg) and in CFA (with the OM reserve) before revealing himself with the Reims stadium, in Ligue 2 then in Ligue 1.

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