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Barça, Luis Suarez destroys Koeman and Laporta


Luis Suarez, Argentinian center-forward of Atlético Madrid, did not hesitate to smash the two strong men of Barça in an interview with Sport.

Pushed to the exit in September 2020, the experienced striker has rebounded very well by becoming the offensive weapon of Mattresses. Not falling within the plans of the Dutch technician, the Uruguayan did not at all appreciate the way he was treated by Ronald Koeman, whom he rubbed shoulders with only a few weeks. After evoking the contempt of the latter, Luis Suarez confided to feel treated “like i was 15»Before revealing that the former coach of Netherlands «let it be known that I was bad for the locker room».

Asked about the delicate situation in which FC Barcelona finds itself, the former striker of Liverpool evoked a ” war Between Ronald Koeman and Joan Laporta who ” disturbs the players ».

Continuing to closely follow the news of the Barcelona team, Luis Suarez also focused on the possibility of seeing Xavi on the bench in the coming days. ” As a football fan, and when I see everything he has done as a player, I don’t think it’s time to take over the team, continued the Uruguayan. He knows the club’s difficulties. He has to wait for the right time. He has friends with whom he will have to make decisions and it will not be easy. But I think he will be a great coach, like when he was a player. »

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