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Bayo released from custody, another revelation complicates his situation


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It’s a weekend that Mohamed Bayo would have gone well. After the defeat in Nantes, the Clermont-Ferrand striker was arrested at the wheel of his car, alcoholic, after causing an accident resulting in unintentional injuries. But after 24 hours in custody, he has just been released, as explained the team. He is now summoned to the Clermont-Ferrand Criminal Court to answer for his actions on June 28, 2022.

The striker will be judged above all for a repeat offense, because, as the daily explains, he has already been sentenced to a road safety awareness course in 2019, his license was then suspended. A situation that will not plead in his favor when presenting himself for his judgment next year. In the meantime, his club has for the moment not taken any sanction against his player.

to summarize

Mohamed Bayo, the Clermont-Ferrand striker, was released after 24 hours in police custody for hit and run driving drunk while driving, he will go to court in June 2022, as a repeat offender after similar events in 2019 .

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