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Benzema, a nice gesture for Mbappé


Karim Benzema really wanted Kylian Mbappé to score Thursday night against Belgium.

For those who believe the return of Karim Benzema to the Blues (just before the Euro), prejudicial to the good offensive animation of the France team, the person concerned demonstrates an irreproachable state of mind since the coach Didier Deschamps l ‘recalled after more than five years of absence.

« On the pitch, I try to make my teammates better », Declared the center-forward of Real, this Friday evening during the 19:45 of M6, evoking the tremendous success obtained the day before against Belgium (3-2) in the semifinals of the League of Nations.

« The last match against Finland (2-0) with Griezmann, it went well. There, with the return of Kylian, we found ourselves well even with Antoine. “, Continued KB9.

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Benzema then gave a little confidence at the time of the penalty obtained in the second half: “ We are all players who take penalties, I wanted him to score anyway. I picked up the ball and gave it to him. After what there was at the Euro, it is erased. »

Kylian Mbappé, by succeeding his attempt, was able to partly forget his terrible failure against Switzerland, in 8e Euro final.

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