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Bosz still cropped Cherki despite his double


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This is undoubtedly the lot of players with such potential. Even when they are decisive, we always expect more. Rayan Cherki was able to verify this last night after the game against Brondby. However, the OL striker did his share of the job and more, with a double to allow this OL bis to win in Denmark, in a match without a stake (3-1).

Bosz didn’t like his first period

Yes but here it is, Peter Bosz did not like everything about Cherki’s performance and did not hesitate to let the press know after the match. The German technician intends to keep him under pressure, in particular to offer him a starting position. “It will depend on his performance. In the first half, he was not very good, like the team, especially in the pressing. Then, his two goals were important for us, he played well each time by recovering the ball on the first, then with a good action on the second. But as I said, before the break, it was not what I expected, “said the technician from Lyon.

A requirement also recalled by Moussa Dembélé, the OL striker who felt that “now, he must continue”, evoking a Cherki who seduces him anyway by his qualities. “We all know Rayan is talented. He has a lot of talent, he is able to tip a match by his dribbling and he is also a very good finisher, ”assures Dembélé.

to summarize

Even if Rayan Cherki was the great architect of OL’s victory on Brondby (3-1), Peter Bosz spares him nothing. After the meeting, the German technician did not fail to point out his shortcomings during the meeting.

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