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Chelsea: Conte questions Lukaku’s use


The Italian tactician, who offered a Premier League title to Stamford Bridge, worked with the Belgian striker at San Siro.

Chelsea failed to “figure out how to use” Romelu Lukaku, with former Blues and Inter coach Antonio Conte questioning Thomas Tuchel’s tactical approach. The Belgian international striker has returned to Stamford Bridge, he who had already made an unsuccessful first stint at the London club, during the summer transfer window in a transaction amounting to 115 million euros.

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Romelu Lukaku made his debut for the west London club with one goal against Arsenal on his debut and four goals in his first four appearances, but since then he has not found the target in four matches. Lukaku’s latest failure came in the 1-0 Champions League defeat to Juventus, and Antonio Conte – who shot Lukaku the best with Inter and saw him take his side to the league title. Italy last season questioned Tuchel’s approach with the Belgian at Sky Sport Italia’s microphone.

“I think he can still do better, especially in his technique. He’s already at a very high level, but a player has to keep improving until the day he retires. During the match, there are times when Romelu Lukaku needs to be awakened, but other than that he is one of the most difficult attackers to face, as he can do damage in any area of ​​the pitch“, analyzed the Italian technician.

Will Lukaku shine with Chelsea?

Romelu Lukaku Chelsea 2021-22

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“If you have such a center-forward you have to use it and I don’t think Chelsea have figured out how to use it yet. Last season they didn’t have a real center-forward so they turned positions, while Romelu Lukaku is a real benchmark in attack. If they can figure out how to use Lukaku, then Chelsea can become the team to beat in the Champions League this season. “, concludes Antonio Conte.

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Thomas Tuchel and Chelsea are expected to find a way to get the best out of Romelu Lukaku by changing their system. Antonio Conte, who won the Premier League at Stamford Bridge, hopes this will be the case after helping to develop the game of one of the most formidable strikers in world football: “A coach is good if he can improve the players. I think we did a good job with Romelu for two years.”

“He’s a very specific forward. Getting Lukaku into the box he’s dangerous. However, when he starts from midfield he’s incredibly fast. It’s very difficult to find a player who is both a pivot man, but can also run from midfield. These are also characteristics I find in Erling Haaland. I had followed Lukaku for a very long time and wanted to when I was at Chelsea, even when he was at West Brom“, underlined the Italian, currently free from any contract.


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