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Competition at PSG, selection status … Donnarumma puts things right


Back in the Italian team, Gianluigi Donnarumma spoke about his situation at the club and how he lived it.

Gianluigi Donnarumma returned to his Italian national team on Monday. For the young goalkeeper, it’s always a breath of fresh air to rally La Nazionale, even if he is not to be pitied in the club at the moment since he has just chained two matches as holder.

The brilliant porter still expected another fate when he reached the French capital last summer. He saw himself as a holder, and not as a number one bis, to share his playing time with Keylor Navas. And that is why a detour through the country, where it has all its landmarks and where it is indisputable, can only do it good.

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Donnarumma claims to be in Paris to play

It remains to be seen now if the few torments he has experienced within his new team will impact his performance with the European champions. According to him, no reason to worry about this. ” There is no problem “, he proclaimed at a press conference on Monday. “I’m in Paris to play and I’m sure everything will be fine. I have no problem for the national team. I continue on my way, I hope all will be well. “

He hopes a good reception from San Siro

With Squadra Azzurra, Donnarumma will play the Nations League semi-final against Spain on Wednesday. A meeting that will take place in San Siro, his former stronghold. There is some doubt as to how he will be greeted in Lombardy given how his departure from Milan went.

The interested party also spoke on this subject. He dares to hope that all will go well for his return home: “ I’m excited, Milan and AC Milan are an important part of my life, he explained on Monday. I gave everything to Milan, until the end. If something negative happens (Wednesday with the fans) I would be really sorry because this semi-final is a very important game. Hope the fans can help us. “

Regarding the big shock against La Roja, Donnarumma promised to do everything possible with his teammates to win: “There are a lot of expectations of us, we know what our strength is and we are aware that we can challenge anyone. We can also have our say in the World Cup, but now we don’t think than in the Nations League. We expect the same Spain that we faced a few months ago, we will have to improve in some aspects. I expect a challenge that is not as simple as the one in July, to beat them, we will have to give ourselves 110% “.


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