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Coupe de France: OL react to sanctions


Eliminated from the Coupe de France like Paris FC in view of the incidents which punctuated the 32nd final between the two teams, OL officially reacted on Tuesday.

Usually quick to react to sentences handed down against him, l’OL this time had been careful not to communicate hot. On Monday, the Disciplinary Commission of the French Football Federation (FFF) nevertheless had a heavy hand against him: eliminated from the Coupe de France like the Paris FC for the excesses observed last December 17 at the Charléty stadium, the Rhone club was also subject to a travel ban for its supporters until the end of the season, a fine of 52,000 euros – in addition to the related costs to the degradations observed in the Parisian enclosure to be reimbursed – and of an exclusion from the Coupe de France, suspended, from the 2022-2023 financial year.

Far from falling into controversy in the face of the severity of the verdict, Lyon this Tuesday evening ” takes note of the heavy sanctions of the FFF disciplinary committee and continues its work of identifying the people involved in the incidents during the PFC-OL match ». « Without minimizing the unacceptable behavior of all the individuals involved, and without delay, Olympique Lyonnais took the most important decisions in terms of sanctions for the supporters involved. Four nominative complaints, accompanied by stadium bans, have already been filed. They target both individual supporters and group leaders. Other complaints will follow and Olympique Lyonnais will show the greatest firmness “, Continue the Gones in their press release.

Ten days to appeal

« The club relies on groups of supporters who must also take their responsibilities to eradicate all violence from the stands and control their members so as not to penalize the OL institution sportingly and economically. Olympique Lyonnais will continue its work and hope that investigators and justice will help it in identifying the culprits, but also by pronouncing heavy penalties against all the hooligans involved, from Paris as well as from Lyon. Olympique Lyonnais is now awaiting notification of the disciplinary committee’s decision », Can we finally read. As soon as this notification is received, OL will have ten days to possibly lodge an appeal. An option that Paris FC does not exclude according to RMC.

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