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Damaged by the draw, Liverpool accepts his fate


With Real Madrid, Liverpool are undoubtedly the big loser of the cancellation of the first draw of the knockout stages of the Champions League. Instead of facing Salzburg, the Reds inherited Inter Milan.

It was inevitable. By canceling the first Champions League draw, UEFA knew that it was going to cause discontent, and injured, with teams which recover an opponent more difficult on paper.

This is the case with Real Madrid, who thought to face Benfica, finds himself with Paris Saint-Germain, and cries scandal. For Liverpool, instead of Salzburg, it will ultimately be Inter Milan. But Jurgen Klopp understands UEFA’s decision. “Clearly. I saw it live and thought, ‘You can’t just leave the draw like this, there’s no way.’ Clearly, they had to start over ”, said the manager of the Reds at a press conference.

Still, Liverpool would have enough to curse fate, since it is anything but a gift to face the reigning Italian champion. But Klopp accepts his fate. “I had to wait 54 years to play San Siro for the first time… and now it will be twice in three months, so that’s good news! he smiles. It’s all good. Of course, it’s a tough draw, clearly. They are the leaders of their championship in Italy; it’s a good team in a good period. We’ll see how things go until we meet in February. “

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