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Despite the humiliation, Petkovic has a certainty for the future


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It’s the crisis in Bordeaux. 18th in the standings, the weeks of the Girondins go by and are similar. Tonight, it is on the lawn of RC Strasbourg that the Bordelais received a new football lesson by losing 5-2. Barragiste, Laurent Koscielny’s teammates are only one point away from the relegation zone, and today’s performance is anything but reassuring. However, Vladimir Petkovic, the coach of the club with the scapular, was serene about his position during the traditional post-meeting press conference.

“I still think I’m the man for the job”

“We are very disappointed, because we started the match well, but we made the same mistakes. I have my share of the responsibility, because over the last ten days, we have been working on the scoring and how not to suffer on the crosses . (…) In training, when we explain things, everything is clear, but during the match, faced with quality players such as Strasbourg, we end up making too many simple mistakes, a- He said first of all, before continuing. “I still think I’m the man for the job. It has nothing to do with style, but rather individual technique, knowing how to place yourself in relation to your teammates. The will of the players is not lacking, the intentions and the will are there, but it is more a question of concentration. We are very dejected for our supporters. We have to take our responsibilities. ” One way to calm the possible future rumors of departure concerning him.

to summarize

Vladimir Petkovic, the Girondins de Bordeaux coach, is sure to be the man for the job despite the humiliation of the day against Strasbourg on the score of 5-2. The coach spoke about his situation at a press conference.

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