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Di Maria admits it is “not easy” for Messi


Who better thanAngel Di Maria to evoke the situation of Lionel Messi ? Argentinian from Paris Saint Germain was interviewed this Friday on RMC on the first steps of his compatriot in the club of the capital. And the Parisian n ° 11 admitted that his friend had experienced some difficulties.

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“It’s not easy for him, he had his whole life in Barcelona, explains Di Maria. New house, new school (for his children), it is not easy for him. For someone who is used to changing clubs all the time, it is better, but he is not. He had his whole life in one place. “ But Fideo assures him, contrary to what some rumors announce, Messi “Is happy, adapted and that is the most important. “

“The team feels good with him”

On the other hand, the six-fold Golden Ball does not yet give its full potential on the ground For Di Maria, again, this responds to a certain form of logic. “He arrives in a team that had its marks. In a team at ease against, he likes to touch the ball, it’s a balance to find, not always easy, explains the former Benfica player, who requires patience. You know, in football we don’t have time, the criticisms come quickly, the problems too. But the most important thing is that we are quiet together. The team feels good with him and little by little he will get better and better, score and things will go well. “

In short, Di Maria remains a strong support for Messi, and he does not hesitate to claim that his teammate “Largely deserves” to win the Golden Ball. “He has had an important year in his career. After all these things that happened to him in the selection, he finally won the Copa América ”, emphasizes the Argentinian. Who hopes to win more trophies with Messi in the coming months.

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