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Domenech sends Sampaoli to Père Lachaise


The former coach of the France team Raymond Domenech strongly criticized the coaching of Jorge Sampaoli at the microphone of La Chaîne L’Equipe.

The heavy defeat of the Phocéens, this Thursday against the Galatasaray (4-2) in Call Europe, surprised some of the Marseille supporters, this is absolutely not the case with the sports consultant. ” We can’t ‘start to doubt’ cause it’s been like this for a while, confided Raymond Domenech. If we only start to doubt now, it is because we were not lucid before. Right from the start. His way of playing is good, it’s beautiful, but in each match they can take goals and we cannot last at the high level if we are so crumbly defensively.. »

Bowing on the lawn of the Nave Stadyumu in Istanbul, the teammates d’Arkadiusz Milik definitively entered their chance to qualify for the next round of the continental tournament. Partly responsible for the rout of Marseille in Turkey, Jorge Sampaoli took a big load from the former coach of the Blues. ” I have been saying this from the start. When you succeed, when you score, everything is fine, but when it gets stuck a little ahead and it is less good, well it comes to there. And it will continue like this. And if he continues like this, he will go straight to Père Lachaise “, Continued Raymond Domenech.

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