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Everything you need to know about the profession of stadium manager


The stadium manager occupies a position of high responsibility in the management and operation of an arena. Focus on everything there is to know about this profession.

What training to integrate to become a stadium manager?

Although there is no course specifically dedicated to this profession, the stadium manager must follow a specialized training in sport. For train as a stadium manager, students can opt for the Sport Business master’s degree. This course prepares future managers for the management and development of sports organizations and their venues.

If you wish to move towards this rewarding career, you can also integrate a bachelor’s degree in sports management. This program trains you in management, events, marketing and communication in the field of sport.

Whatever training you choose, it should familiarize you with the fundamentals of economics, management and finance. The courses dedicated to sport also offer a professional component. Thus, you can, as soon as you obtain your diploma, launch yourself into the labor market.

The duties of the stadium manager

The stadium manager or stadium director exercises a key position in the sports sector. Its main mission is to manage the stadium enclosure for which it is responsible. He works to make the place profitable and takes care of the coordination of the teams working there. All based on club guidelines and policy.

The stadium manager draws up plans to develop the stadium grounds. Its aim is to make it more attractive and to have a positive impact on its performance. He is responsible, among other things, for the renovation works as well as the organization of the events which take place in the enclosure. To do this, he has at his disposal a budget that he must manage.

As conductor of the stadium for which he is responsible, the stadium manager intervenes in various areas. He is in charge of communication, management, sports equipment, security and sponsorship of the stadium. The stadium manager also works with those responsible for ticketing, shops and restaurants in the stadium. He represents the sport Club and is in direct contact with federations, opposing clubs and partners.

The profile and skills required

In order to carry out his missions and to make the enclosure as profitable as possible, the stadium manager must be strong in several qualities. Performing various varied tasks, he must be versatile. He must have excellent knowledge of management, commerce, the sports market, marketing, etc. He must also have an increased sense of organization and a good ability to manage his stress. Indeed, with the many missions he is required to fulfill, he must be organized and must know how to work under pressure. An optimal knowledge of the world of sport is essential in order to adapt the offers to current trends and the demands of spectators.

The salary of the stadium manager

Since 2013, professional football clubs must work with a stadium manager. With these regulations established by the Professional Football League, the profession of stadium manager is currently booming. The salary awarded for this position depends on the club he works with. Indeed, the larger the club, the greater the responsibilities, as well as the remuneration. A stadium manager associated with a small structure earns around 2,000 euros net per month. This salary can go up to 5,000 euros per month, in the case of a large club.

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