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Evra insults Thuram in his autobiography


The years go by and the resentments do not disappear. Patrice Evra has still not forgiven Lilian Thuram for his position after the Knysna fiasco.

After the famous strike of the players of the France team, during the 2010 World Cup, Lilian Thuram strongly criticized the former side of Manchester United. Captain of the Blues at that time, the latter was one of the main culprits of this gruesome situation according to the 1998 world champion who had asked that Patrice Evra no longer wear the tricolor jersey. In his autobiography entitled “I love this game”, the former defender from Mancun returned to the statements of his elder.

« Let him go fuck himself, threw Patrice Evra in preamble. He thinks he’s Malcom X because he wears glasses and reads books. I call him Malcolm Z. I hate those people who pretend to be someone they’re not. This player really pisses me off. I had so much respect for the generation that won the World Cup in 1998. But even before the French Football Federation decided what to do after the 2010 World Cup fiasco, Malcom Z said I deserved not to wear the France. »

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