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FC Barcelona backs down on the Haaland file


Barça vice-president Rafa Yuste has tempered hopes of seeing Erling Haaland arrive.

Although new FC Barcelona general manager Ferran Reverter has hinted that the club will be able to recruit a star in the near future, vice-president Rafa Yuste has tempered those hopes.

Yuste is keen to take a more cautious approach to the transfer market, alluding to Barca’s economic problems caused by Josep Maria Bartomeu’s previous presidency.

Erling Haaland was named as Barcelona’s next notable signing but, while Yuste recognized the Norwegian’s immense talent, he did not want to make big promises to the Blaugrana fans.

“I prefer to be governed by the principle of prudence. We come from a situation of enormous economic crisis, therefore prudence,” Yuste told Mundo Deportivo.

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“I don’t see Haaland [signature] happen now. By next year, we’ll see what the situation is and what we can do in terms of recruiting.

“We first need to lay the foundation for a house that we found in ruins, so let’s focus on fortifying it first.”

“Let’s feed those at home first and then we’ll see what else we can do, keeping in mind that we always want to have the best, and Haaland is one of the best in the world.”


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